Feel Good Meditation workshop

I grow silent, dear soul you speak - Mawlana Jalal-al-din Rumi

This workshop is on overall well being and contentment. It will focus on meditation and mind Asanas. A series of mind exercises (asanas) to help you feel more balanced, calm and content.

Feeling Good – The How of Happiness

We all have a Don Quixote the ego and a Sancho Panza, the self ... and in egoic mood, Don Quixote goes fighting with the windmills.

The workshop is essentially about having a stronger, happier and a stable sense of self. It is for increasing the soulful state vs being in egoic mood most of the time.


In the first week, we focus on a stronger sense of self. Practicing light, reflective and positive mind exercises to feel emotionally stronger, happier and calmer.

The second week onwards, it is focused more on emotional intelligence and soulfulness/spirituality, on practicing emotional strength and Soulfulness.  

Part I  : A stronger sense of self and practicing contentment 
Part II : Observing emotional heaviness and pain
Part III: Mindfulness and ego awareness (going beyond egoic things)
Part IV : Soulfulness

Man likes to believe that he is the master of his soul. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and emotions, or be aware of the many unconscious ways in which the soul plays into his decisions and arrangements, he is certainly not his own master. CG Jung

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