About the teacher

The surest sign that our meditation is unsuccessful is the continuing presence of narcissistic self absorption and on going irritation with others - Dharmachakra practices

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Ani studied and practiced Buddhist meditation at fpmt Tushita meditation center in Daramshala. She has done many long term silent meditation retreats over the past 6 years in Asia - in monasteries, meditation communities and in isolation. She has a gentle approach, and an understanding of common challenges beginning meditators experience.

Ani has created the Meditation & Feeling Good workshop, a way to feel lighter, calmer and happier. She previously taught in Berlin, Germany and Brienz, Switzerland. She is currently teaching at Satori Yoga Studio in San Francisco.


April - San Francisco, CA May - Retreat in Asia July onwards - Frankfurt, Germany

Recommended Reading

Carl Jung, Thomas Merton, Matthieu Ricard, Joseph Campbell Mindfulness in plain English Cutting through Spiritual Materialism The monk and the philosopher